Branching out and growing together

At Forest School the children have the opportunity to engage in both adult-directed and child-led activities.


Children will be encouraged to explore, investigate, problem solve, take risks, work cooperatively and creatively throughout their Forest School sessions.

Our Classrooms

Welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage and the start of your learning journey here at DVS! In Acorn class our main focus is to foster a love for learning. We are always busy, learning through play and creating magical experiences to engage and aid in our development. No matter the weather we provide the opportunities for you to explore, experiment and discover new things both in our indoor and outdoor classroom.

Through all of our learning experiences our values of respect, resilience, kindness, aspiration and independence underpin everything that we do making our class a positive and stimulating place to learn.

Acorns (Reception)

Welcome to Birch Class!

In Birch Class we love to learn, explore and ask questions. We enjoy reading lots of different texts, writing every day and solving maths problems. We absolutely relish challenges and becoming more independent. We know that making mistakes is an important part of the learning journey but we help each other through these and we try again until we succeed. We value and appreciate everybody and know that we are here to grow together.

Birch Class (Year 1 and 2)


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Welcome to Willow Class.


In Year 3/4 we ask lots of questions and strive to be independent learners. Willow Class enjoy being resilient and encourage our peers to do the best in all that they do. We adapt our learning approach using the skills we have and don’t give up!

Willow Class (Year 3 and 4)

Welcome to Oak Class!


We will learn how to be inquisitive, think outside the box and give that extra mile to achieve outstanding results.

We are curious and eager to learn so we will have lots of fun.

We are kind and polite and that will make everyone happy

Oak Class (Year 5 and 6)