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Branching out and growing together

Children learn about reading by listening to stories, by making up a story as they turn the pages of a book and by reading print of all kinds. Reading with your child is one of the best ways to help your child learn to read. If reading is fun, your child will want to read with you.


I Children should read for 10 to 15 minutes each day

I Find a relaxing and comfortable place to read together away from distractions

I Choose a time when you both want to read. If your child is too tired, then choose an earlier time

I Let your child choose which book to read. It is important for them to feel engaged with the book. Children

will often choose favourite stories which they know by heart. This is fine and a normal part of learning to read

I Before starting to read the story, talk about the cover, the title and the author and what the

  book may be about

I Do not always read the book straight through to the end. As you read, pause to talk about the pictures, discuss what has happened and what may happen next

I Try to engage your child in the text as well as the pictures. Even at an early stage, encourage them to     read some of the words in the text

I Have your child look closely at words by finding those that look the same,

rhyme or start with the same letter

I Encourage your child to: use the pictures to guess what would make sense, guess what might come next,   use the sounds of the first letter to help them

I Always praise your child, particularly when they have corrected themselves. This helps build up confidence and makes reading pleasurable

I After finishing the book, talk about it together. Try asking:

- Were you right about what you thought was going to happen in the book?

- Have you read any other books like this?

- Have you read any other books by the same author?

- If the story carried on, what might happen?

- Which character did you like best / least?


As your child becomes a more confident reader, encourage them to read by themselves a little each day. This should be in addition to them reading with you. For more hints and tips please click on the link below

Little guide to helping to

helping children read.

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